Welcome to Timeshare Consumer Guide

Timeshare Consumer Guide

Welcome to the Timeshare Consumer Guide information website, set up by the Travel & Leisure Group to provide advice to timeshare owners and consumers in general.

The world of timeshare has become increasingly confusing for the consumer. There are many new timeshare products and systems for you to understand and a large numbers of timeshare fraudsters and scams to look out for.

If consumers are not careful, they could potentially lose thousands to unscrupulous operators.

The Travel & Leisure Group has over 25 years of experience in the timeshare industry and their staff are amongst the most knowledgeable in the business. The Group felt there was need to pass on some of this knowledge and expertise to you, the consumer.

Timeshare Consumer Guide

The aim of the Timeshare Consumer Guide is to provide you with important information, advice and up to the minute news to enable you to make an informed decision, whether you are looking to purchase a timeshare direct from a resort, to buy a resale timeshare, to sell a timeshare or just enjoying the one you own.

Timeshare News

Do you want to keep up to date with what's going on in the world of timeshare? Look out for our timeshare news which is updated regularly with the most important industry news. If you have a news story that you would like published, please contact us with full details and we will consider it for insertion.

What is Timeshare

The timeshare industry is over 40 years old, and generates revenues of over $9.4bn per annum. There are over 6.7 million owners worldwide, of which over 1.5 million reside in Europe alone. Yet few realise the extent of timeshares contribution to the economies of Europe and to providing all year round tourism and employment.

Selling Timeshare

You've bought it and you're stuck with it. A sad result for the consumer in need of selling their timeshare. Selling timeshare is not easy. Even more difficult when owners are looking to get their money back and at a high price level there is no incentive for the buyer to use a resale company.

Timeshare Resales

Millions of people around the world own and enjoy the benefits of timeshare. Want to join them? Make sure you avoid the pitfalls and get the best timeshare for your money and that suits your holiday needs by purchasing a resale timeshare. You will get the same benefits for half the price.

Regulatory Bodies

There are industry regulatory bodies and consumer advice groups which are designed to help and protect the consumer. Find out which one does what and how to contact them if you have any concerns or worries. Consumer protection is first and foremost.

Timeshare Scams

There are many fraudsters out there looking for easy pickings. Make sure you don't fall foul of these companies and lose your money. Millions of pounds are lost by consumers each year to these companies and it's our challenge to try and educate the public to the ways and means.