Sell Timeshare through a Resort

At the time of the original purchase of a Timeshare, consumers get the impression that if there is a need to sell timeshare, this can be done through the resort or through one of the many Resale Companies in the UK. The consumer does not get the impression it is not easy to re-sell. A few developers offer their own resale programme but as a rule do not buy back weeks. The majority do not handle resales.

Do Resorts Sell Timeshare

In practise it is not usually a satisfactory solution to the resort to sell timeshare by owners – as financially – it is more advantageous to promote and sell their unsold stock which will bring better profits and the added bonus of an additional maintenance fee. Owners are often offered the alternative to upgrade to a better unit at a more convenient line or convert to points if applicable.

Sell Timeshare vs Rent Timeshare

In top quality resorts, “rentals” are easy to achieve, bring more revenue than the annual maintenance fee paid by the owner. Always approach your resort first and if they cannot help you to re-sell or buy back your Timeshare, then follow the other options.

Be aware of upgrades or purchase of more weeks presumably easier to sell whilst your existing Timeshare will be placed on a resale list.

Consumers must make sure whether they really enjoy Timeshare holidays and it is just the wrong week or their resort that is leading them to sell.

If they don’t enjoy Timeshare, just try to dispose of it and in the meantime make the most of it.