Buying Timeshare through a Resort

Most sales techniques remain the same for many years. Potential buyers are still enticed to attend a presentation, either by an invitation by telephone, mail or personal approach by an OPC “Outside Public Contact” (the latter mainly abroad).
A more responsible approach is the invitation to a free or low cost short break “to taste the product”.

For existing owners, the on-site presentation concentrates on the advantages of moving to a better unit or week, or the purchase of an additional week. People coming on an exchange are the most likely to be captivated. In some resorts “in-house sales” can be aggressive and make it unpleasant for the owners who are not left in peace to enjoy their holidays.

Regrettably, statistics show that many buyers cannot afford Timeshare and after paying good price for a week(s) they soon are faced with having to sell it for much less money.

When buying from the resort you have to contend with a highly trained sales force who is bound to put pressure on you to make up your mind on the day.

Our advice:

  • Establish if Timeshare as a product is right for you
  • If yes, is that resort the one you really like
  • Do not buy based on exchange facilities only, but where you would like to go at least a few times
  • Check the paperwork carefully before you sign anything. Some contacts are very lengthy and complicated.
  • Ensure you get at least 14 days cooling off period.
  • Do not part with any money to the resort for a deposit or other charges. The EU directive prohibits the collection of any monies before cooling off period expires.
  • Get a full description – or disclosure statement – of the resort you are buying into, the services provided, maintenance fees, trustees etc.

The advantage are a greater choice, you can see first hand what you are purchasing and view the surrounding areas to be sure that you are buying at the right resort for you.

Negotiate the price down. There is usually enough margin for the price to come down.
If you buy direct from the resort you pay a much higher price but like as in buying a new car, you may have a larger choice.

If you have doubts, look around at other sites and check prices and availability, also with resale companies where prices are much lower.