Timeshare Statistics

The figures below have been compiled from Ragatz Associates (RCI.com) market research studies, Interval International and RCI most recent statistics and RDO.

  • Total sales volume worldwide exceeding US$ 14 billion
  • Approx 20 million households own timeshare
  • 11 million weeks, 500,000 in the UK alone
  • Timeshare expands over 180 countries with more than 7,400 resorts, approximately 4,500 affiliated to RCI and 2,900 to II
  • The largest number of resorts is predominantly the states, North America, followed by Europe with approx 25% share. Spain and the Canaries alone have over 500 Timeshare resorts
  • The major growth is in Asia at present over 15%, predominantly in Japan, followed by India and Thailand
  • China is showing increased development in Timeshare
  • In the UK there are 138 resorts.

US Timeshare at a glance – Robust Growth

A study of 2004 statistics from the North American Timeshare industry by the American Economic Group – commissioned by ARDA’s International Foundation – reveals the following facts:

  • Timeshare sales: $7 billion (up 7% from 2011)
  • Number of resorts: 1,668 (up 78 on 2003)
  • Average size of unit: Two bedroom (70 per cent of all units)
  • Average price of Timeshare interval or points equivalent: $15,789
  • Fractional Ownership and Destination Clubs have dropped to $497 million in 2012 (compared to $552 million in 2011)

Dramatic fall in timeshare complaints in Spain according to official figures, consumer complaints about timeshare in mainland Spain have dropped dramatically.


  • 75% of UK timeshare owners (a total of almost 500,000 households) are pleased with their decision to buy timeshare and of those, 17% thought it was one of the best decisions they have made
  • 72% of owners would recommend timeshare to a friend, proving that timeshare’s best sales force is its “silent army” of current owners
  • 68% say timeshare is good value when compared with other holidays
  • 83% say the standard of timeshare is better than equivalent self catering holidays
  • 72% say timeshare offers more flexible holiday choices than hotels do
  • 64% like the benefit of ownership in a superior location with great views

The RDO’s first survey** of UK owners (almost 15,000 individuals) uncovers one of the most shocking timeshare secrets ever – overwhelmingly UK owners are happy with their timeshare purchase, view it as their primary holiday choice, and more often than not prefer it to the other (wide range) of holidays they take each year! The “Timeshare Unveiled” Survey is being released at RDO’s UK Seminar in Manchester (9th June) at which 100 leading members of the UK timeshare industry will be in attendance. The survey is a ‘warts and all’ look at UK timeshare owners’ attitudes towards their timeshare, as well as taking a glimpse at how timeshare stacks up against other mainstream holidays. Findings demonstrate emphatically that UK owners are happy with their purchase (75%), and 7 out of 10 would recommend it to other people. Indeed, the survey shows that the quality of their timeshare holiday usually out-shadows the other mainstream holidays they take (and timeshare owners are adventurous holiday makers, taking an average of nearly 3.5 holidays a year, with 63% preferring independent holiday arrangements and 43% opting for self catering breaks). In a step change from previous timeshare studies, the RDO 2006 Survey took an in-depth look at owners’ attitudes towards their timeshare, specifically seeing how it stacked up against other leisure time experiences. Over and over again, guarantees of quality and choice are clear winners:

  • When asked why they purchased, 53% cited quality guaranteed and 47% the range of destinations available through exchange schemes
  • When asked the best thing about their timeshare; 73% liked the quality of the fixtures and fittings, 53% liked the fact upkeep and maintenance guaranteed quality and 65% liked the freedom it gave them to do what they wanted when they wanted
  • When asked how timeshare stacked up against hotel accommodation 72% preferred the flexibility staying in a timeshare afforded them
  • And when asked the same question about self catering accommodation, 83% preferred the quality on a timeshare resort
  • Although timeshare is not necessarily perceived as better than home, almost a third (29%) say the quality is of the standard they expect at home or better than the standard at home

RDO profiled all respondents to the Survey and, although many findings support pervious surveys, there are some interesting new trends to emerge:

  • Nearly half live in the South East (29%) and the Midlands (16%)
  • People have owned for an average of 9 years, and 81% own one or two weeks
  • Spain and the Canaries continue to dominate ownership (43%) but the UK is also a popular destination, with 21% owning in Britain
  • Interestingly over half (54%) use their own financial resources to purchase timeshare
  • Timesharers like to take holidays – 34% take three a year, and a significant 17% take more than five breaks a year. Most of these holidays are independently booked, whether dynamically packaged (63%), self catering (43%) or hotel breaks (35%)

“We are delighted, if not entirely surprised, with these findings”, comments Sue McNicol, Head of the RDO. “There is no doubt that 15,000 owner responses represent a very real snapshot of people’s attitudes towards their timeshare holiday. What we really wanted to demonstrate with this survey is that timeshare is indeed a mainstream holiday purchase decision, and that the reasons behind these decisions are grounded in issues such as quality, facilities, comfort and location – very similar to other holiday options. The timeshare “x-factor”, where we can make a real difference, is in the future “guarantee” of year-on-year quality, whether an owner chooses to stay at their home resort, or exchange elsewhere”.

Britons spend more on holiday than visitors from other countries

The annual survey of holiday habits, conducted by insurance company Europe Assistance, reveals that British nationals spend more on holidays per household than visitors from any other European country. The survey, based on 3,535 respondents from Austria, Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, found that the British spend an average of 2,795 Euros. This compares with Germany (2,233 Euros), Italy (2,085 Euros) and Spain (1,880 Euros). According to Europe Assistance, the findings could be partly explained by the fact that Britons were more inclined to travel than other nationalities with 68 percent saying they intended to do so this summer. Some 40 percent of respondents said the risk of terrorist attack influenced their choice of holiday destination with British Nationals, Germans and Austrians citing it as a main factor. However, the French, Italians and Belgians were more concerned about the climate at their preferred destination. Health risks were cited by 40 percent of those surveyed as being important when choosing their holiday while 41 percent said bird flu would influence their decision.

* RDO is the official trade association for the timeshare industry in Europe, representing companies from all EU Member States. It promotes best practice in the industry for the benefit of both consumers and the industry. All members are bound by a code of ethics, which ensures the protection of consumers’ rights. RDO provides a free of charge information and conciliation service for consumers dealing with its members.

**The RDO Timeshare UK Survey was conducted over the internet with Survey Monkey throughout April 2006. 14,975 questionnaires were completed by UK timeshare owners.