Timeshare FAQ

Timeshare FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How much is my property worth? Can I get a valuation?

Simply complete the online form. One of our experienced consultants will give you a valuation based on the current resale guide.

How long will it take for my ownership to sell?

Timeshare isn’t the easiest to sell, however, Travel & Leisure Group will advertise your property for sale using a multitude of medias, including newspaper adverts, in-flight magazines, TV advertising, Google AdWords, SEO and much more. Although it is impossible to give an exact date when it will sell, some can go almost overnight, whereas others can take months. Every effort is taken to present your property to as many people, globally as possible. Commission is taken from the buyer, so it is in both parties interests to sell as soon as possible and for the best possible price.

Can it be guaranteed it will be sold?

Unfortunately it cannot be guaranteed that it will sell,
Travel & Leisure Group have a combined 100+ years of timeshare selling experience, will give you to the best possible advice and with personal input, words and pictures decide on the way to best showcase your ownership.

Travel & Leisure Group offer a seller guarantee that we will sell you ownership first or your money back, *subject to terms and conditions

*Please note that any company who guarantees a sale or a timeframe we would suggest is not trustworthy and sellers should be cautious.

Can I still sell my ownership if I still owe finance?

Yes, of course, as long as the finance is settled prior to the transfer of ownership taking place this would not be an issue. Furthermore, the proceeds of the sale of your ownership can help cover the cost of the outstanding finance. If it is a private finance or loan not against the timeshare, you can clear it off or continue as you wish.

I own but my maintenance fees are not up to date?

Depending on the amount of years owed, your outstanding fees (could be paid from the sales proceedings) but must be settled prior to transfer. Speak to one of our consultants for advice as each resort has a particular policy on outstanding fees. If you are not sure our own legal department can contact the resort providing we have your written consent.

If I put my ownership up for sale, can I still use it?

Yes, no problem, the ownership is in your name until sold, if a potential new owner makes an offer, you will be asked if you wish to sell for the current year or next year. If you sell for the current year, the potential new owner will be required to reimburse you for this year’s maintenance fees. Travel & Leisure Group also offer rentals, you can speak to one of the team and they will assist you with this.

I can’t afford my ownership anymore, what can I do?

The ownership can be listed for sale free of charge with an optional advertising package. The ownership can be made available for rent, so that a potential purchaser can try before they buy. This gives a potential new owner the chance to experience the ownership before purchasing. There are options available; an owner can sometimes make an agreement with a RDO resort developer to hand back their ownership, subject to their own terms and conditions and the agreed costs. This can also aid the resale process as it can assist in covering your annual maintenance fees until sold.

I am unable to travel overseas anymore, what can I do, what are my options?

There are options available to you, you can decide that you will no longer want to use it and you have no friends or family who wish to take over the ownership. We are able to put your ownership on the resale market.

Can I sell, give my week to a friend or other owner?

Yes, a private transfer of ownership is a speciality of Travel & Leisure Group, our in house legal team can offer any advice and cost on how this can be done.

I want to sell my week but I do not know who I should use?

Firstly, always seek advice and get recommendations from the likes of RDO (Resort Developers Organisation) or ARDA (American Resort Development Association) if you are in the US. These organisations list all the approved resales brokers and they must adhere to the strict code of conduct. Travel & Leisure Group are an international resale company with representation in many European countries and have consultants who are multilingual fluent in English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, French, German and even Russian.

If I agree to sell my week, is my money safe?

Travel and Leisure Group strictly follow the EU Timeshare Directive and UK Timeshare Act of 2008 and amended in 20111, offering sellers complete protection. We additionally deposit client monies into a trust account administered by FNTC.

How much will it cost me to sell my property?

Owners are registered free of charge to our database and unlike most other companies, the new owner will pay all costs associated with the transfer of ownership, the net sales price you agree is what you will receive. We also refund any advertising fees on sale or if another RDO resale member sells etc.

What makes Travel & Leisure Group any better than other resale brokers?

  • Clients monies held in dedicated trust account administered by FNTC
  • Worldwide exposure with our website in 9 different languages
  • Experienced in house staff speaking most European Languages, i.e. Russian, English, Spanish, German, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Italian, Estonian, and Danish, we don’t Google translate.
  • Unrivalled Industry Knowledge.
  • Long serving members of ARDA & RDO.
  • Longest standing European resale broker in Europe.
  • Offer referral payments to clients.
  • Dedicated customer help lines.
  • Dedicate TV advertising.
  • In Flight magazine advertising pages in easyJet, Select Traveller, Silversurfers and Thomas Cook amongst others.
  • Yearly UK Travel Exhibitions, we produce a full colour advertising magazine distributed throughout the show from our stand.
  • We are renowned for our customer care.


Why should you buy a timeshare or fractional ownership through Travel & Leisure Group?

There are many advantages of using a long established resale broker who acts as an estate agent for timeshare properties and is a corporate member of the two main governing bodies; RDO (Resort Development Organisation) and ARDA (American Resort Development Association) in the USA.

Travel & Leisure Group offers realistic prices, a 15 day cooling off period and part exchange with client monies held safe in escrow with trustees, FNTC (First National Trust Company).

How safe is buying a previously owned timeshare and Fractional Ownership and do I get the same benefits as buying direct from the Resort?

Travel & Leisure Group are specialists in private sales. When you buy a previously owned Timeshare through Travel & Leisure Group, you are in safe hands and are guaranteed the same security rights and privileges as if purchased direct from the resort – any exceptions are clearly disclosed.

What is an escrow account?

An escrow account is where your monies are kept by a solicitor or trustee until title deeds are safely transferred into your name.

Who handles the transfer of ownership of my timeshare property?

At Travel & Leisure Group, we have our own experienced in house conveyancing department to handle the transfer of ownership.

Do you inspect most properties?

We have inspected or visited most. In fact, Travel & Leisure Group is possibly the only company investing in this vital service.

What is a management fee and why should I pay it?

It is for the upkeep of your property and will include insurance, maintenance, management, cleaning, refurbishment and utilities. It is important to pay this fee to ensure the continued high standard of your resort.

What can I do with my timeshare or Fractional Ownership and can I bequeath it to my next of kin or a friend?

Your Timeshare is part of your estate, so you can bequeath it to whomever you wish. You can use it yourself, lend it to friends and family, rent it, save it for two years or borrow from future years. You can sell it and of course you can exchange it for other luxury resorts around the world through RCI, II or Dial an Exchange, the three major exchange companies.

Can I exchange my timeshare or fractional ownership for another place?

All ownerships sold by Travel & Leisure Group are exchangeable around the world through the exchange companies such as RCI, II or DAE.Can I exchange my timeshare or fractional ownership for another place?

All ownerships sold by Travel & Leisure Group are exchangeable around the world through the exchange companies such as RCI, II or DAE.


I can’t use my timeshare this year, what can I do to get help with my maintenance fees?

Advertise your ownership to renting out for this year or even next year. We negotiate the very best rental price for you and make sure your yearly fees are covered by the retail costs. Every rental enquiry on your property is disclosed to you and it is your choice to accept.

I’m looking to buy a week but I want to see the resort and facilities before I commit?

The perfect solution is to rent a first and experience all the resort has to offer. You can rent the exact unit and try before you buy.

Do I get access to all the resort facilities when I rent?

You rent the week directly from the owner and as such are
entitled to all the benefits onsite. Each resort offers a wide range of onsite benefits;
our team can inform you of what is available upon request.     

How can I rent my week out?

Simple, Travel & Leisure Group will discuss your very own personal advert. You can add additional own photographs and a dedicated write up to promote your ownership and attract a potential renter.

I want to rent a week, what do I do?

If you find a particular rental contact us and let us know your particular requirements. We will do their very best to find you your perfect resort and time of the year. The current owner of the week will make the reservation on your behalf and you will be issues with a guest certificate or written confirmation of you stay and dates agreed.