Have you been offered a timeshare resale through InterTravel Club in Madrid?

Have you been offered a resale through InterTravel Club in Madrid?A dubious cold caller has been brought to our attention by Polish Timeshare owners. The cold caller is InterTravel Club from Madrid and this company pretends to be a timeshare resales company.

InterTravel Club cold calls mainly Polish owners and a lady called Janina Bilicka kindly explains the offer they have for their membership.

Timeshare Resales from InterTravel Club

The story goes that InterTravel is a large travel agent and they are selling Timeshares throughout Europe to individuals and companies. They have a long list of clients who are waiting to buy into the membership that coincidentally the owner has for sale.

InterTravel Club claims to be doing all as per the European Laws, and all the paperwork is prepared by a notary office called Notarios y Depositos.

After the initial call, Janina Bilicka sends off all the documents the timeshare owner needs to sign and pass on to these notaries. In the paperwork it is clearly stated that in order to process the sale, and as per the European Law (not true) the owner needs to pay a“Contract Security” fee of around €2250

This fee will be refunded by InterTravel Club as soon as the sale has been processed and they have received the deeds of the membership. The timeshare owner has 2 days to pay this contract security fee or the offer will be void.

Contact details of InterTravel Club are an address: Paseo de la Castellana 89, 28046 Madrid

They have a phone number +34 611 332 319 and a Fax +34 911 811 419

Their email address is intertravelclub@europe.com

The website they display on their paperwork is www.intertravelclub.com.ve which seems to be a website of a Travel agent in Venezuela and nothing to do with timeshare or a branch in Madrid.

Details of the Notary office “Notarios y Depositos” are and address: Paseo Marquez de Zafra 22, 28028 in Madrid and telephone number +34 672847899

Please note that there are no companies registered in Madrid by the name of InterTravel Club or Notarios y Depositos!

We do NOT recommend the company InterTravel Club and we would say to anybody who is contacted by them to be very cautious.

If you have received a phone call from Janina on 0034 611332319 and stating she works for InterTravel Club in Madrid, then please let us know.

More information: http://mindtimeshare.me/2014/08/29/have-you-been-offered-a-resale-through-intertravel-club-in-madrid/

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