Timeshare Cold caller alert for Jimenez Mediation Services in Fuengirola

jimenezThe concept Mediation Services is quiet extended, the question is though mediation in what and how? Well we have a new timeshare cold caller alert by the name of Jimenez Mediation Services who seems to be mediating for people who didn’t even know them.

The cold call from Jimenez Mediation Services comes as a surprise, but the surprise soon seems to be rather pleasant as the news they bring is that there is money awarded to the Timeshare owner.

Timeshare Consumers Reclaim Certificate

It appears that Jimenez Mediation Services knows everything already about the Timeshare consumer’s Reclaim certificate, and they have kindly arranged for a settlement through the court and around £20.000 is awarded to the consumer.

All the Timeshare owner needs to do now is pay Jimenez Mediation Services their fees of £1400 and there you go, the money will be transferred!

Jimenez Mediation Services claims on their website www.jimenezmediationservices.com that they started off in the UK. There is no record of them in the UK though and the website was registered in June 2014, so not really long ago.

Timeshare Cold Caller Alert

The website lacks all information one could expect from a Legal or Mediation company, such as company registration, information on the lawyers who work for the company, privacy policy, etc.

Contact details for Jimenez Mediation Services are as follows: Telephone: 0034 603 106 332 and Fax: 0872 115 7499 Email: info@jimenezmediationservices.com and address: Avda.Jesus Santos Rein 19-4, Edif Windsor, 29640, Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain

We do NOT recommend this company and we certainly doubt that there is any money awarded through the liquidators or courts to the consumers, and less that this is then settled with a company nobody heard of before…

If you have been cold called by Jimenez Mediation Services from +34 603106332 in Fuengirola then please do let us know.

There are only a hand full of resale companies in Europe recommended by the Governing Body RDO when owners want to sell timeshare and Travel and Leisure are one of them

More information: http://mindtimeshare.me/2014/08/25/cold-caller-alert-for-jimenez-mediation-services-in-fuengirola/

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