Have you been called by Klein Associates for a Timeshare Claim?

We are receiving inquiries about a company by the name of Klein Associates that seems to be cold calling Timeshare owners and telling them they are probably eligible for a claim.

Through the phone the agent from Klein Associates already assesses if the consumer is indeed eligible for a compensation claim and explains that he will forward information by email.

This information is indeed received from the email address info@timeshare-claims.com

The telephone number for Klein Associates is 01244 940 542

In the email the agent Steven Presti refers the consumer to the website of the company www.timeshare-claims.com

He also insists it will all be on a No Win No fee basis.

It seems rather strange that a claims company such as Klein Associates would cold call consumers and offers compensation claims to them over the phone. We certainly recommend consumers to be cautious when dealing with this company.

More information: http://mindtimeshare.me/2014/07/11/have-you-been-called-by-klein-associates-for-a-timeshare-claim/

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