Market My Timeshare, the reseller active on the Polish Market

Market my Timeshare is a new cold calling Timeshare resale company from Tenerife.

This company approaches Timeshare owners for the resale of their ownership and promises quick results.

These quick results are mainly to do with the fact that they are operating on the “Polish Market” and that buying timeshare seems to be the latest new thing in Poland. Did we not hear something similar already about the Russian market?

The way Market my Timeshare works is to start the cold call, and once the Timeshare owner has shown his interest in being added to the resale listing of Market my Timeshare, they are explained the following.

Market My Timeshare

The Timeshare owner needs to pay £1500 in order to be included on the Polish listing which is on the website  This very basic website was created on the end of May 2014.

But please, don’t get me wrong when thinking this would be an illegal upfront payment! Oh no, this payment is not really to get the timeshare listed, because that is FREE. The payment of £1500 is to obtain 4 promotional accommodation vouchers through the company Slonce Marketing and Merchandising.

Sell My Timeshare

The timeshare owner is re-assured that this is the only way to get on the Polish listing and obviously those who do not want to pay for the “4 weeks luxury accommodation” will not be included in this listing..

Research has shown that the company Market My Timeshare registered their web domain at the beginning of June 2014

But this website has not been developed and consumers are directed to the one fromSlonce Marketing . This website was registered in April 2014.

Contact details for Market My Timeshare are email and telephone 0193 557 6046

Slonce Marketing provides more contact details on their web:

Telephone for buyers: 0034 922 782 310 for Sellers: 0034 922 758 425 and Fax: 0034 922 711 809

Email &

Address; Avenida De Los Vientos, Local A4, El Galeon, Adeje, 8670 Tenerife, Spain.

What we have here is a range of companies that seem to be working together, using the cold call as the way to approach Consumers, “selling” 4 weeks of accommodation in resorts when in reality the Timeshare owner is looking to sell his Membership and offered to do this through a supposed active Polish Market.

It is always questionable how logical it can be that when you want to sell something you have to buy into something different, which on top of it you don’t need or want!

More information:

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