Have you been offered a disposal by A Fair Solution?

Timeshare Disposal CompanyA Fair Solution is the company name of the latest cold calling Timeshare Disposal Company.

This company is contacting Timeshare Owners and claims to have the solution to their “problem” and the best part of all is that there won’t be any payment upfront.

A Fair Solution explains their offer in a follow up email which is received from afairsolution@gmail.com This is not the only email address used though as they also have info@afairsolution.com

The offer of A Fair Solution seems to be rather complicated though. The way they explain the disposal will be done is as follows. They will arrange for a person to buy the ownership of the Timeshare owner. This would be though a “symbolic” purchase as there won’t be any money exchanging hands. This purchaser will pay the timeshare owner by cheque, and this cheque should be passed to A Fair Solution straight away.

A Fair Solutions asks the Timeshare owner to sign papers in front of a Notary although it doesn’t seem to be clear what kind of paperwork this is. There is no mention about any forms for Transfer of Ownership which would be the usual procedure with any resort.

For the disposal service there is a charge of around £2000 but saying there is no upfront payment seems to be a bit over the top, as A Fair Solution expects the Timeshare owner to start paying the £2000 in 3 instalments as from the moment he goes to the notary and signs the “paperwork”.

Research has shown that A Fair Solution is a company registered since April this year, and not since 2006 as mentioned on their paperwork.

Their website www.afairsolution.com  dates from January 2014.

Address details: Southgate Chambers, 37/39 Southgate Street, Winchester, SO23 9EH

Telephone: 01962 441025 and Fax: 01962 670131

Between the cold call, the rather confusing explanation on how this disposal will be processed and the payments when there is no confirmation at all yet that the timeshare is out of the owners name, we certainly recommend to be cautious when dealing with this company.

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