Online Leisure Breaks, a Travel agent or Timeshare reseller?

Timeshare Resale OfferThe company Online Leisure Breaks is a cold caller with a great timeshare resale offer for Timeshare and Discount Travel Club Memberships.

They tell the consumer that they have a buyer waiting, and as always seems to be the case with cold callers, these buyers are ready to pay good money too.

Online Leisure Breaks does ask for an upfront payment, which is of course illegal but this does not seem to stop Online Leisure Breaks from asking £1400.

On top of this, the almost guaranteed sale then falls through…

But not to worry, because Online Leisure Breaks actually as a “travel agent” is interested in buying the membership for their portfolio and offer around £10.000 for a Club Class Membership. That sounds really good!

But again, in order to get this sale done and dusted, they need another amount of £1500 and this time paid into a bank account by bank transfer..

Those refusing to pay the second amount are told they won’t get the initial payment back, as they have “refused” the second offer which seems to be in their agreement.

All very dubious.

Contact details of Online Leisure Breaks are Telephone: 02380 987834 and email:

We did find a website which seems to belong to this company which was registered in October last year. But on this website which appears to be a “travel agent” there are no contact details, most links don’t even work and a lot of the texts have not been developed. Maybe still a project?

Seen the above information we certainly do not recommend Online Leisure Breaks from 02380987834. In case they have approached you for a resale of your Holiday Membership, then please let us know.

More information:

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