Uniglobe Travel or Viajes Uniglobe the latest fake resale agent from Madrid

uniglobeNew company by the name of Viajes Uniglobe or Uniglobe Travel has started a very active cold call campaign this week and they seem to be targeting mainly Dutch Timeshare owners.

Uniglobe, contacts the Timeshare owner with an attractive resale offer for their membership. They explain that larger companies are Buying Timeshare for their employees and this time they are buying weeks / points in bulk in order to provide these employee holidays.

These companies pay really good money for this membership and Uniglobe Travel offers the Timeshare owner prices between 20 and 30 thousand euros.

In order to process the sale the timeshare owner needs to fill in an agreement, and ready to go. The commissions of around 4000€ to Viajes Uniglobe are to be paid once the money of the purchase has been transferred and a proof of transfer is provided.

This sounds ok, but reading between the lines, there is no mention of paying the commission once the money has reached the account of the timeshare owner. They state very clearly in the agreement that the commission is payable in the 2 days following once the “receipt of transfer” has been submitted.

Now how easy is it to falsify this receipt? Why would Uniglobe not take the money from the amount to be transferred and simply send the balance? Why do things in a difficult way if it can be so easy?

Contact details of this company are:

Viajes UniGlobe S.A. Address: Calle Salas 4 28006 Madrid – España

Telephone: +34 634 109 957 and Fax: +34 911 811 419

Email: viajesuniglobe@europe.com and website www.uniglobetravel.com.ve

PLEASE NOTE that the website is a website from a travel agent in Venezuela! NOTHING to do with a Spanish “travel agent” or Timeshare resale.

Please be aware that we do not recommend this company and certainly have doubts about their “offers”.

If you have been contacted by Viajes Uniglobe from 0034 634109957 in Madrid then please let us know.

More information: http://mindtimeshare.me/2014/08/11/uniglobe-travel-or-viajes-uniglobe-the-latest-fake-resale-agent-from-madrid/

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