Cold caller Andersons Resales Europe and Templey Solicitors from Benidorm

Timeshare ResaleA new cold calling timeshare resale agent has been spotted by the name of Andersons Resales Europe. This company claims to be based in Benidorm at Paseo Maritimo local 2, Benidorm, 03503, Alicante.

They approach the Timeshare owner on a cold call and explain they are a long standing resale agent with a mature sales team who are handling numerous successful timeshare sales. After the call the send-off an informative email with a document that explains again how good they are and that they will not charge any fees upfront. As a matter of fact the purchaser will be liable for all commissions and fees and will even be requested a £500 deposit.

Contact details from Andersons Resales Europe are a phone number 0845 287 1289 and Email: which actually indicates there is no website.

Sadly we have to say though that the above is not the end of a successful resale story at all. Because once the Timeshare owner has shown interest and is keen to sell, a buyer is found quickly.

And in order to process the resale, another company appears on stage by the name of Templey Solicitors. These solicitors, who we cannot find in any registration of companies or lawyers, claim to be handling the sale. They already have received the deposit of 50% from the purchaser (and all this without seeing any document!).

All the Timeshare owner needs to do is forward his bank details and Templey Solicitors will transfer the money. Only then they require the original paperwork on the timeshare.

There is a charge though for the courier who picks up the paperwork and that is £125

Contact details and address for Templey Solicitors are; Av de Paris, 03730 Javea, Alicante, Spain. Telephone 0845 591 3153 and Fax 0871 520 4834

Email address

Please note that we are dealing here with a cold calling resale agent by the name of Andersons Resales Europe, a company that does not seem to be registered anywhere and neither are on the given address. Then we have a solicitors company by the name of Templey, who neither seems to be registered and the address which is faulty cannot be correct.

Maybe £125 does not sound like a lot of money to lose and take the risk their resale offer might be genuine, but with the above details and lack of real company information we can only guess that the £125 will be the beginning of a lot of charges that need to be done before receiving the “money from the sale”.

Do not trust any cold callers and certainly do not send them any personal details or sign any forms.

If you have been contacted by Andersons Resales Europe from 08452871289 in Benidorm, then please let us know.

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