Have you heard from Trafalgar Claims?

Sell TimeshareTrafalgar Claims is the latest cold calling Claims Company that has started their activity. They Claim to be able to sell timeshare.

They cold call consumers who own a Discount Travel Club Membership, and it seems that Trafalgar Claims knows all about this.

Those who asked the agent from Trafalgar Claims where they obtained the details were told that these were passed to them by the Spanish Court.

Trafalgar Claims offers to help with a Section 75 claim, and insists they only charge a 20% after the claim has been awarded.

Details from Trafalgar Claims are:

Website http://trafalgarclaims.com/ which was registered on the 24th of May 2014

The website lacks an address, company details and other issues such as Privacy Statement etc.

They quote several contact numbers, telephones: 0203 695 2524 and 0203 740 1644 Fax: 0705 346 2983 and different email addresses such as info@trafalgarclaims.comassessments@trafalgarclaims.com and settlements@trafalgarclaims.com

It is not only the cold call that alarms us about Trafalgar Claims, but also the fact we cannot find them at the Companies House, they don’t supply any address details and saying that they have been passed private information by the Spanish Courts seems a very strange statement.

We would recommend caution when dealing with this company and certainly be careful before sending off all kinds of personal details to get your case assessed by a company like this.

If you have been called by Trafalgar Claims from 02036952525 or 02037401644 then please let us know.

More information: http://mindtimeshare.me/2014/08/05/have-you-heard-from-trafalgar-claims/


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