TATOC issues June cold callers list

TATOC issues June cold callers listThe TATOC Consumer Helpline has issued the cold callers list for June 2014.

It can be viewed here – Cold Callers List June 2014

This list comprises the names of companies that have been reported to the Helpline for cold calling during June. The Helpline team verifies each listing to ensure accuracy.

Timeshare owners can report companies for cold calling by contacting the TATOC Consumer Helpline on 0845 230 2430, by email at info@tatocconsumerhelpline.eu or via the live chat facility on the TATOC Consumer Helpline website.

Helpline manager Mark Caldicott explained: “This is an important service for timeshare owners as we recommend owners never deal with a company that initiates contact. No exchange company, resort or management company shares data with these companies, so owners have to ask themselves how they have their contact details. If you are in any doubt, just contact the Helpline for advice.”

Continue to be vigilant when looking to sell timeshare and only use the recommended companies by the European Governing Body RDO

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