Cold caller warning for La Fragata Sales & Marketing

TimeshareA new timeshare cold caller has been spotted by the name of La Fragata Sales and Marketing. Although the name indicates they are handling “sales and marketing” the agent from La Fragata actually offers a service to claim on behalf of the Timeshare consumer.

La Fragata Sales & Marketing seems to be updated on the dealings from the Timeshare consumer with other dubious companies in the past. And La Fragata kindly offers to represent the Timeshare consumer in an application to recover the money they lost to these dubious companies.

La Fragata Sales and Marketing only charges a 10% over the awarded money as their fees, so there is no upfront payment. But as this claim needs to be registered in court they would also need a court filing fee which is £450.

For the moment we do not have any further details on this company although with what we have already we can see more less “the picture” and would say to be very cautious when dealing with somebody from La Fragata.

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