Grupo Sun Travel, the dubious Timeshare resale Company from Madrid

Timeshare ResaleAnother cold calling timeshare resale company has started their dubious campaign this week, and they are using the name of Grupo Sun Travel.

This company Grupo Sun Travel is very similar to other recent cold callers who claim to be travel agents who sell Timeshare weeks as well.

The Grupo Sun Travel seems to have all the membership details of the timeshare owners they are calling. Because of that, they already have a buyer lined up as this buyer was especially looking for this membership. What a coincidence!

As soon as the Timeshare owner confirms he is willing to sell, and on top of it earn a lot of money with this, Grupo Sun Travel agrees to send them all the relevant paperwork.

When the paperwork arrives it becomes soon very clear that the “no fees upfront” is not really what it should be. Grupo Sun Travel does require an upfront payment (a percentage over the very high sales price) but of course assures the timeshare owner that this will be refunded upon completion of the sale.

Please note that for as much as they promise to refund, an upfront payment is an upfront payment and this is ILLEGAL.

There never seems to be a mention either about what happens to the money is the sale is NOT completed….

Details on Grupo Sun Travel are, address: Paseo de la Habana 3, 28036 Madrid – España.

Telephone: +34 672 512 983 and Fax: +34 911 811 419


This company quotes a website which as far as we can see has nothing to do at all with Timeshare sales and is a Travel Agency search engine for South America.

We do not recommend any dealing with Grupo Sun Travel from +34 672512983 in Madrid.

More information:

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